L&F Eyecare – Leaders and Educators in Optometry 

Long known for its contribution to educating allied professions and the public, L&F Eyecare aims to set the standard for optometric practice not only in Gippsland or the state, but for Australia. Consisting of four practices, the optometry group is very well regarded within the profession of optometry, and not without good reason.

“Over a long period of time, the industry has looked to L&F Eyecare for leaders and educators,” explains co-director Dr. Ken Thomas. “Three of our optometrists have gone on to become president of the Optometrists Association Australia, the peak professional body for Australian optometrists, and one as Chair of the Optometry Board of Australia. “

“Our most obvious focus is on improving the visual welfare of our local community,” says Dr. Thomas, “but our overall philosophy involves educating allied health professions and the public in a broader context. We are hugely proud of the contribution this practice has made to optometry and the visual welfare of communities beyond Gippsland. Continuing to do so is a central part of our philosophy.”

On top of his work as optometrist and co-director L&F Eyecare, Dr. Thomas continues ongoing roles in three additional areas. On the Optometry Board of Australia’s Continuing Professional Development Accreditation Committee, in educating Monash University’s medical students, and in the development of the postgraduate therapeutic course through the Australian College of Optometry.

“There is a lot of time, energy and research involved in each of these projects,” says Dr. Thomas, “but each are very enjoyable and represent an opportunity to make a difference. Ultimately, that’s what its all about for me personally and in my capacity as a partner of L&F Eyecare.”